Best Office Chair Under 200 Dollars

People who are professionals and do most of their work by sitting in front of the computer. They need a chair that provides them a higher level of comfort and keeps their spine or the back in excellent form. Sometimes people don’t give much importance to the chairs and sit on another typical chair. In my opinion, the chair is as important as any of your valuable belongings. After all, it is a matter of health. You don’t only sit on the chair, but also you give your relaxation time and sometimes you even sleep on it.

There are people who consider the chairs as an important part of their life and give them the same importance as they give to their valuable things. But among those people lies the people who are unable to afford the chairs worth the hefty price tags and thousands of dollars. For those people, there is no need to worry. There are still better and excellent options for you worth under 200 dollars. Those best office chair under 200 dollars is the smartest and favorable choice for any of the professional looking for the ergonomic and comfortable chair.

With those chairs, you will get the chair that keeps the posture and position in the ideal angle and allows you to work peacefully. You don’t have to worry about anything, it doesn’t matter, if you work for longer hours straight, it will always have your back for the peaceful working. There are a lot of office chairs in the market that come under the price of 200 dollars, but not each one of them is the best office chair under 200 dollars. To make sure this problem doesn’t happen to you, I have made the list of the best ten office chairs under 200.

The following listed chairs come with the best design and best comfort score, what more can one want from the chair? They are the best for daily usage and long hours working. The unique looks and the extreme relaxation makes those chairs the best and smart choice for the people. Some of the chairs listed in the article also come with height adjustment and tilting abilities as well. Without further ado, let’s get to the reviews and find out the best office chair under 200 dollars for you so that you can be as comfortable as people with the expensive office chairs.

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The Smugdesk Mesh Computer Ergonomic Chair is one of the most comfortable and best office chairs found in the market. It looks like the most expensive office chair and is also the best office chair for the people who prefer classy and elegantly designed chairs. It has an excellent design and allows for many other things like height adjustment and comfortable stretched back as well. Moreover, the back of the chair is made durably and sturdily to make sure you stretch your body without fearing about the falling and breaking of the office chair.

The back frame is made to keep the mindset of the users in mind. It offers great support and relaxation to the spine and all the muscles of the back. Also, the back frame of the office chair comes with the meshed fabric. The meshed fabric is extremely helpful and useful in keeping the back ventilated and free of sweating. This ultimately eliminates the possible origin of allergy and other diseases due to the moisture. You can use the office chair regardless of the air conditioner installed in the room. It is definitely a great choice.

Ergonomically, the office chair comes with a great level of versatility. The score of the versatility is quite a height considering the price tag of the chair. Not just for working, you can also use the chair for the power nap. It comes with a 3D designed headrest. The headrest is used for changing the angle and the height of the office chair. The main reason for picking the chair is the back frame, which is quite exceptional and worth it. The casters and the armrests are just excellent. Furthermore, the armrests are also adjustable.

The maximum weight supported by the office chair is around 330 pounds. In comparison, the ideal weight is around 200 pounds. The casters offer great maneuverability, which is another reason for buying the office chair.

The Duramont Adjustable Office Chair is slightly out of the range, but there are certain reasons that made me pick the chair on the list. I was not picking the office chair, but when I came across the features and performance of the office chair, I was surprised. It offers a great level of durability and comfortability as well. People who bought the office chair and used it were quite happy with what they got. Some of the experts and professionals have even claimed that this is the best office chair under 200 dollars.

The office chair has a durable and sturdy metal frame that offers great support of greater weight. The seat cushion is pretty thick, which is even better for comfort. The wheels placed at the castor are made of the rollerblade style that makes the maneuvering of the office chair from one place to another. In fact, when you check out the chair physically, you will be ready to spend even 400 dollars for the first time. The back frame has the S shape design that supports the exact posture of the spine and offers great relief from the pain.

The height of the office chair can be adjusted along with the firmness as well. Surprisingly, the chair is best for lumbar comfort. People even sleep on the chair comfortably. The back frame of the chair comes with the meshed fabric, which is great for dry and cool working. The backrest is quite adjustable for height and offers great comfort for the neck. It matches the shape of the neck. The chair has a reclining capability of 120 degrees. This chair is, in fact, the most ergonomic and comfortable chair for some people.

The most deceiving office chair found in the market. For the very first time, the office chair will deceive you with its simple looks, and you would think that it is another chair waiting to be bought. But, this is not the case, be warned, don’t be deceived by its look as this chair has the capability to do many of the things just when you need it. I’ll start with the back frame; the office chair comes with a meshed back frame that allows for maximum breathability and comfort. With the back frame, you will get a dry and cool experience of using the office chair.

Secondly, the waterfall-edged thighs rest is one of the coolest things about the office chair. The office chair allows you to keep your legs comfortably so that you can do your work without getting your legs hurt when there is no need for it. The seat cushion is also pretty soft and provides great comfort to the users. People who used the office chair reported that the chair is able to provide as much comfort as the chair that comes with the 3x more price tag than this. Many of the experts and professionals were impressed by the office chair as well.

Apart from the comfortability and relaxation score, the office chair does a decent job. The construction of this office chair isn’t as good as the chairs available in this price tag. The design is pretty boring, and the durability score is pretty low. This office chair is good for some time, but not in the long run. If you are looking for durable and long runners, there are better options available. But if you are looking for comfortability, this chair does a great job in that sector and might be the one you are looking for.

As you know, the products from Amazon’s own production house take the market by storm, and the same is the case with the AmazonBasics High-Back, Leather Executive, Swivel, Adjustable office chair. It is indeed one of the most selling and best office chairs under 200 dollars found in the market. This office chair comes in three different colors, including black leather, brown leather, and white leather. The most astonishing colors are black and brown; the white color might become dull after some time. Due to leather-construction, the office chair becomes more mesmerizing.

The office chair becomes more classic with its durability and beautifulness, all thanks to its ergonomic and well-made design. Look-vise, design-vise, and quality-vise, the office chair is a beast. You must not buy the chair for the looks only, the padded cushion and back frame of the office chair is also the reasons for going for the office chair. You can work for more and even longer hours comfortably by sitting on this chair. You would get out of your comfort zone to work, but you will get in your comfort zone as soon as you sit on the office chair.

It doesn’t matter if you wish to recline on the office chair or want to take a nap, all you have to do is to recline the chair into a suitable and favorable angle, and that’s it. The assembling manual is the best way to make the chair stand in no time. You will not be doing anything useless unless you are reading the manual. The office chair comes with the mechanism of 360 degrees swiveling as well. What else can a person want from one of the best office chairs under 200 dollars? You can get this chair at the price tag of 100 dollars easily.

This chiropractic Balance Ball Desk Chair is one of the unique and highly-comfortable chairs found in the market. This office chair is called the chiropractic chair because the making of this comforting accessory had a great hand of the professional top class chiropractors. This office chair was made, keeping all the essential and important factors in mind about the customers and users. The design of the office chair is a little bit strange, or you can say odd. But, the quality of comfort and material is just excellent.

You will not get tired and feel helpless as long as you are sitting over this office chair. If you are one of those who work day and night and for longer hours, you might want to have a look at this office chair. It is highly ergonomic and comfortable, which is one of the reasons for buying the office chair. The major advantages of using this office chair are the comfortable back and spine, along with the powerful circulation of the blood. Moreover, if you suffer from the pain in the arms, it would eliminate that pain as well.

But it doesn’t have any armrests and back frame as compared to the standard and typical office chairs. How does it eliminate the pain from the back and from the arms? Let me tell you. Since the office chair doesn’t have any seat cushion and comes with the ball; instead, it compels you to make micro or smaller movements by sitting on the chair. This mechanism increases the circulation of blood and also keeps the muscles of the stomach engaged as long as you are sitting on the ball. This way, you feel active and motivated to work all day. This chair is available in nine different colors and comes equipped with an air pump.

The Office Factor Executive Ergonomic Office Chair justifies its name with its features and specs. It is one of the most lightweight office chairs found in the market. The contemporary design of the office chair makes it comfortable to an even greater extent. Considering the price tag, you are getting more than what you paid for. But what makes this office chair so different from other chairs? Firstly the design and secondly the minimalism. The office chair doesn’t come with the typical designs; instead, it features the rogue and medicated design.

The office chair, as I mentioned, has lightweight because it weighs around 34 pounds, which is pretty light keeping the chair in mind. There is no headrest in the chair, and realistically not many people use it while working focused. The unique thing that you will find in the office chair is that the armrests are customizable. The armrests of the office chair can be flipped upwards, leaving you enough space to move in and out of the chair extremely easily. There will remain no problems with broken sides and being hit by the sides.

With the flip-up technology, the office chair does well in moving broadly all over the place. As for the weight limit, the office chair has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds. The weight capacity is enough for the regular office workers and employees but not for the over-weighted people. With the double castors, you can use the office chair with more mobility and power. It has the height adjustment feature that helps in setting the height to the most suitable. The height is adjusted by the gas-lift mechanism.

The chair uses a unique forward-pitch technology that keeps the sitter forward when he/she sits on the chair.

The Office Chair Mesh Executive Chair Adjustable offers great customization along with great quality. Moreover, the office chair comes with some extraordinary features, including the flip-up footrest. The office chair allows you to take out the flip-up footrest from downwards and let you stretch your legs at 90 degrees angle. This is one of the unique and extra features you can get under 200 dollars. Of course, the footrest isn’t the only reason for buying the chair; the office chair has more to offer for great comfort and reliability.

One of the reasons is the multifunctional headrest. The headrest comes with the functionality to be adjusted according to the height of the sitter or the user. The back frame is pretty much of the ergonomic design, and when it is merged with the headrest, it offers great comfortability in the easiest way possible. Also, the footrest can be reclined at any position up to 90 degrees. If I tell you about the chair in most simple words, then I would say that this is the most customizable chair made by the Company.

The armrests also have the capability to be adjusted according to your comfort. They can be set upward and downward for a comfortable height. The back frame is made of breathable mesh fabric that allows for a cool and dry back eliminating the heat-frustration and sweating right away. Durability vise, the office chair might be a little bit off, but comfort vise and relaxing vise, it performs way too good. If you want great comfortability along with great customization, then you have a green light to go after the chair.

The most beautifully designed office cum gaming chair is here. This chair is specially designed for gaming purposes but can also be used by people who work for longer hours and suffer from back pain. Well, this gaming chair has it all that allows for great comfort and support. Along with the support and comfort, the gaming chair offers great quality to keep the user or the gamer or the sitter cool as long as he/she is gaming. Though it doesn’t have a great or rogue design, the design isn’t what makes the chair the best office chair or gaming chair.

This chair is the perfect combination of the affordable price tag and great features. People who bought the gaming chair were amazingly impressed by the performance and by the quality as well. A gamer always looks for a chair that has excellent comforting and supporting abilities, no matter what type of design it has got. This chair does beautifully well with comfort and support. The gaming chair offers the gamer or the player support for the lumbar area, back, height of the seat, height of the armrests, and much more.

Since it comes with a mesh designed back frame, it keeps the player cool in all types of circumstances. Whether the gamer is going through a hard time playing the game or is on the verge of sweating, the gaming chair wouldn’t let that happen. In short, the gaming chair doesn’t look cheap or inexpensive from any factor or side. If you are looking for premium quality and expensive chairs, then the Company makes those gaming chairs as well. Overall, the gamers who are looking for affordable and comfortable chairs don’t need to look elsewhere.

The SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Dark proves the word Space in its name by offering the ultimate space for the circulation of air. Many times it happens that you go to the office wearing the formal dress and start working, but after some time, your back gets flooded with sweating. This is the worst thing that happens to people. But, you don’t need to worry about anything else now as this office chair comes with a meshed back frame that keeps the back free from wetness.

The office chair comes with high-quality plastic made armrests that are extremely durable and allows for a decent extent of comfort. The seat pan of the office chair is made of vinyl material. It is a lightweight and supportive chair weighing 35 pounds. However, the assembling of the chair takes 15 minutes, which can be a little bit frustrating for the people as they prefer out of the box usage. It is a normal and averagely looking chair but with great support.

This chair comes with height adjustment functionality. It has a lever at the downside, which is the key to adjusting the height. On the armrests lies the soft layer of the PU material that is a bit different and an excellent approach towards the more comfortability score. The armrests can also be adjusted using the button at the exterior side of the armrests. It also has dual casters that allow for easy maneuvering on most types of terrains.

The Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair is a professional and extra comfortable office chair for your daily tasks and longer working as well. It comes with a padded or layered body that makes it even more comfortable. The back frame, along with the seat cushion, is all padded and delivers extraordinary comfortability to the sitter. Even the armrests of the office chair are padded. Every single element of the chair comes layered with soft and super relaxing material.

In the lumbar area lies the aired layer of pad that keeps your sitting posture straight and, ultimately, the lumbar area. It is best for the professionals and the people who work by sitting. The office chair comes with the dual caster’s design allowing for the easiest maneuverability. It doesn’t matter how long you have to work. You will just have to be sure that this office chair has got your back. In short, it is the office chair that you can get for the startup and initial work.


The office chairs can be bought pretty much from anywhere, especially from Amazon and other marketplaces. The most trusted place is the Amazon website. After that, if you wish to have a look by yourself before buying, you can go and check the product in the market.

What makes the chair are the abilities of the chair to allow you to adjust the height of the seat and armrests and headrest. If the chair has all three abilities, it is labeled as the Ergonomic chair and also the right posture for the Lumbar area. All these factors make an ergonomic chair.